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A professionally written resume
is a career game-changer.

A professionally written resume
is a career game-changer.

A succinctly crafted, professionally formatted resume will open doors you never thought possible.

Melbourne Razor Resumes specialises in resumes for –

  • Career changers,
  • Corporate employees,
  • Administrative professionals,
  • Returning mums/dads,
  • Healthcare professionals,
  • University graduates and
  • School leavers.
“Thanks!  This is great.  I couldn’t have done it without your work.  It is a great load off my mind to have this completed.” 

Megan, Speech Pathologist.

The persuasive techniques and information required to sway recruiters will vary for each of the above categories and needs to be supplied in an easily digestible manner.

A Melbourne Razor Resumes CV is more than a bland list of your achievements and skills that reads the same as every other candidates’. A Melbourne Razor Resumes Cover Letter and Resume Package will convey the intangible qualities employers want in their staff.  These are the silent persuaders that make all the difference yet are overlooked by many resume writers.


Recruiters and hiring managers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications they receive. To survive their initial vetting filters, effective resumes must have appropriate formatting and keyword distribution.

Once past this first phase, relevant information needs to concisely convey your capabilities, characteristics and experience. This is essential for making you stand out from the crowd.  This is where having your resume written by a professional copywriter represents an ace up your sleeve.

Melbourne Razor Resumes - Melbourne's Professional Resume Writing Service.

Finding your point of difference is our point of difference.