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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I write my own resume?


Well… you can! However, writing about yourself is challenging. Too often, good quality candidates appear conceited as they lack professional writing skills and end up simply describing themselves. A quality resume writer will –


  • be concise and comprehensive,
  • address the criteria,
  • include the vital keywords,
  • focus on your achievements and skills without boasting,
  • incorporate the subliminal messages that sell you,
  • format the resume to suit the position or industry.

Quite sincerely, if you can do all that you absolutely should write it yourself!

How long does it take?


In most cases, our specialist Melbourne resume writers will send your first draft within one week. In special cases this may be expedited to suit application deadlines. Your feedback is then required so you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Mostly, this takes 10 working days.


How much?

Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Summaries and Key Selection Criteria Responses are prepared with persuasive copywriting techniques so you are noticed for the right reasons.

Standard 2 Page Resume that Cuts Through the Noise $350
Standard 2 Page Resume + Impactful Cover Letter $450
LinkedIn Summary $120
Key Selection Criteria Let’s Talk.
LinkedIn Summaries – Multiple Let’s Talk.
Additional pages in resumes attract an extra $100 payment.
Melbourne Razor Resumes accepts payment via bank transfer to the account prior to commencing work.

Can I change it?


Certainly – it’s yours! Your resume will become the foundation of your future career prospects. Simply update as you determine applicable. Add your achievements as they occur. If you require assistance, please call.  Our Melbourne resume writers are happy to help.

Career Changers?


Yes. Transferable skills are the key to successfully changing career paths. These days, transitioning to a new industry is commonplace and our Melbourne resume writers can help demonstrate your ability to smoothly make the leap.

How will my resume be presented?


Microsoft Word document.


A Cover Letter?


Recruiters sift through resumes and cover letters to look for clues. Without this vital piece of the puzzle, you are denying yourself a chance to provide those clues. Being a letter, it enables some of your personality to shine through and this is important for recruiters to determine if you are a good fit for their culture. It’s also a great vehicle to build alignment between your expertise and experience and their needs.  Our cover letter writing service will help your application cut through the noise.


LinkedIn Profiles?


This influential platform significantly affects the decisions recruiters make. Most recruiters will compare your LinkedIn profile with your resume so they better match up.  Our LinkedIn profile writers will get you noticed.

More questions?


Please make contact.  Our Melbourne resume writing service is here to advance your career.

Finding your point of difference is our point of difference.