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Melbourne Resume Writing that Cuts Through the Noise

A quality resume is more than a bland list of achievements and skills.

Too often, quality candidates are sidelined by the recruitment process because they are not skilled at putting an effective resume and cover letter together. This in no way reflects their ability to perform the job yet they are overlooked regardless.

Melbourne Razor Resumes takes pride in preparing resumes and cover letters for every client so their abilities shine through, their personal attributes are on show and their enthusiasm and ability to work in a team comes out from the subliminal messages between the lines.

That’s our point of difference. Your resume should be more than a bland list of achievements and skills that reads the same as every other candidates’.

A Melbourne Razor Resumes Cover Letter and Resume package persuasively features the personal qualities you possess which employers want. Why? When all the resumes recruiters look at appear the same, it will be your personal qualities which prompt recruiters to organise the interview with you.  Most resume writers overlook this crucial element.

Additionally, I’ve been writing advertising material for many years. During that time, many people have requested I write their resumes.  In doing so I’ve learned something very beneficial – the subtle copywriting techniques I use in advertising material to coax readers to take action are completely transferrable to resumes.


Since standard resume writers don’t use these techniques, my clients have a significant advantage.

A resume is a sales document –

We’re selling You!

Call now and let’s get you on your way.

Finding your point of difference is our point of difference.