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"All I can say – brilliant!!!!  I love it! So very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and effort.  A million “THANK YOU’s!!"

Barbara, Finance Professional.

Professional recruiters and hiring managers are regularly faced with hundreds of applications for a single position.  They often filter these using electronic keyword scanners or superficial visual appraisals.  We'll ensure your resume survives these filters so recruiters learn all about you.

Too often, quality applicants don’t make the interview phase because they have inadequate knowledge of resume evaluation techniques and how to overcome them.  It is often said, a resume has less than 10 seconds to make an impression.  So let's improve your chances by using the persuasive techniques employed by professional copywriters!

To put your skills, accomplishments and personal attributes on the page, you’ll need to supply…


Your Work History.

The job ad or industry that attracts you.

Your Referees.

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“Hey Steve! That is brilliant!!! Thank you. I love how you’ve brought it all together.”

Anni, Investment Advisor.

Melbourne’s best resume writing service will do the rest…


“I highly recommend Steve. He really helped us in an efficient professional manner in writing my resume. His knowledge in this realm made the process extremely simple with a great final result.“

Cathy, Sales and Marketing.

    • Prepare a resume that matches the requirements of the job or industry you’re seeking.

    • Highlight your skills and attributes in a readily digestible manner.

    • Prioritise the relevant keywords to indicate your suitability for the position and cut through the filter.

    • Position you as the confident, capable go-to person for the job you want.

    • Emphasise the characteristics you have that employers want.

    • Format your resume to suit the job or industry you want.

Here’s the thing…

Recruiters often work in high-pressure environments and have their exaggeration detectors set on super-sensitive. Their list of don’t wants from candidates far exceeds their list of wants for every job.  So it’s a case of succinctly matching the talents, experience and skills you possess to their requirements in a tone that enhances your personal qualities.  It’s this combination that gets you to the interview.  That’s the Melbourne Razor Resumes difference!

One call to Melbourne Razor Resumes will start our process rolling for you. A professionally prepared resume will give you an advantage over your competition and set you up for a successful career move.

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And finally…

An effective resume is more than a bland list of employers, dates and skills that are indistinguishable from other candidates’ resumes. A professionally prepared Melbourne Razor Resumes cover letter and resume package will feature the other saleable qualities you have that employers want in their staff.

Melbourne Razor Resumes – Melbourne’s Superior Resume Writing Service.

Finding your point of difference is our point of difference.

Call now and let’s get you on your way.

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“Thank you for your promptness in getting this to me, Steve.  It is perfect!  It shows professionalism and the qualities I want to convey.

Zoe, Digital Media Specialist.

Finding your point of difference is our point of difference.

Melbourne Razor Resumes - We'll Cut Through the Noise and Get You Noticed!